Here are the Lambourn RDA horses and ponies. For information about adopting one of our lovely ponies click here.
All Lambourn RDA horses are microchipped and freezemarked. Our stables have on site 24/7 security.

  • Larry

    Larry is the newest member of the team, joining us in October 2021.

    He is a 14.2, 8 year old piebald cob and we are sure he is going to be a great addition to our group. After spending a few weeks in an isolation paddock, he is now sharing a paddock with Haffy. He is gradually being introduced to our riding sessions, which he is taking in his stride and he is getting used to the equipment and games we often use with many of our riders.

  • Harley

    Harlequin, known as Harley, is a 15.2hh piebald Irish cob, and he arrived just before Christmas 2020. He has settled in really well, making friends with our other ponies and in particular Millie, who he shares a paddock with.

    He is 14 years old and has been an RDA horse for quite a number of years, most recently as a much loved member of the South Bucks group of the RDA. He is very kindly on loan to us and we are extremely lucky to have him.

  • Wilbur

    Wilbur joined us in March 2018, and he has become a firm favourite. He was bought with money kindly donated by the Wooden Spoon Charity, which we are extremely grateful for.

    He is a registered New Forest pony and although he was 13.3hh when we bought him, he has definitely grown. He is now 7 years old, and he is a real character, but very gentle with all our riders.

  • Haffy

    Haffy is an 20 year old Haflinger and he is 14.1hh. He is a light chestnut colour with a beautiful long flowing flaxen main and tail. Haffy is is now a very experienced RDA pony.

    The breed is known for its placid temperament and its desire to please and Haffy has certainly adapted to the task with ease.

  • Millie

    Millie joined us in March 2020, so she is the newest addition to our team and another pony bought with funds kindly donated by The wooden Spoon Charity. She is a 14.1hh strawberry roan New Forest Mare and will be just the right height for many of our riders.

    She is 13 years old and has come from a local home where she has been a children’s pony doing a bit of everything. She is very sweet natured, and although we have only been able to use her in a few sessions, she has behaved perfectly and we are looking forward to introducing her to more of our riders soon.

  • Lily

    Lily is a welsh mountain pony and she is 12.2hh and 15 years old. She is a lovely little pony, ideal for our smaller riders.

    Lily gives all our younger first time riders so much confidence and she loves just to be groomed and patted. She also enjoys going out and about to meet people at fund raising events and is always very popular wherever she goes.

  • Winston 

    Winston joined Lambourn RDA in May 2017 from another RDA group. He was bought with a donation given by The Wooden Spoon Charity.

    He is a 15hh high black cob with a very kind steady temperament. Having been with another RDA Group and before that at a riding school, he is a real school master who knows his job.

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