Our dedicated team of horses and ponies are a very important part of Lambourn RDA. They are loved by helpers and riders alike.

We are running a pony adoption scheme to raise money for Lambourn RDA, and to give people the opportunity to be involved with the ponies and horses. This scheme will help to raise the money we need to look after our ponies and horses, run our stables and maintain the indoor and outdoor schools and paddocks.

This will help us to continue to provide the riding sessions and wide range of activities we organise at Manor Farm Stables.

If you would like to adopt a pony or horse for a year, simply fill out the form below.

A £15 donation will give you:
  • A photograph of your pony or horse.
  • An information card about your pony or horse.
  • A chance to meet your pony or horse at an annual open day to be advised.
  • A Christmas card.


Contact Us

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